Waze offers “zombie voice” in celebration of Halloween

Waze offers "zombie voice" in celebration of Halloween
Waze offers “zombie voice” in celebration of Halloween

Next Monday (31), Halloween is celebrated, a date better known as Halloween, typical of Anglo-Saxon countries, especially the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK. And who is also in the mood for this big party is the GPS navigation application Waze, which has made available thematic features in reference to the date.


Besides allowing you to use a “zombie voice” as a guide, you can change the image of your vehicle, which appears moving on the map while using the application.

According to the company, the action is for a limited time, until November 8, and two themes are available, Survivor or Zombie, in the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.


Those who opt for the Survivor system will hear instructions from a character who is fleeing zombies along the way and drive an escape vehicle called Apocajipe. In the other mode, the guide is the zombie, and the driver can drive the Zombimobile.

How to activate the feature in Waze

To access the news and activate the feature, follow the step-by-step instructions:


1- Open the app and tap “My Waze”:

2- Click on the “Drive with the zombies” command:

3- In the “Humor” option, you choose between the Survivor or Zombie themes:

4- To choose between the Zumbimóvel or the Apocajipe, click on the “Car” option:

5- Finally, in the “Voice Instructions” icon, you choose between being guided by the Survivor or by the Zombie:

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