Fall Guys: The Power Of Beanskull

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The Power Of Beanskull


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Mission Mission Requirement
I Have The Power! (1) Collect 50 Swords of Power.
I Have The Power! (2) Collect 100 Swords of Power.
Let Me Be A God (1) Collect 50 Havoc Staffs.
Let Me Be A God (2) Collect 100 Havoc Staffs.
Call It Destiny (1) Collect 80 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Call It Destiny (2) Collect 160 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (1) Collect 30 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (2) Collect 60 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Our Final Battle! (1) Collect 100 Artefacts.
Our Final Battle! (2) Collect 200 Artefacts.
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Reward Currency Required
"I Have the Power!" Nickname 100
200 Kudos 200
"The Power of Grayskull" Nameplate 500
"Alpha and Omega" Pattern 700
"Prince of Eternia" Costume Upper 1,000
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