Which Selection To Decide In Strangers In The Evening In The Witcher 3


This can be a severe dialog to take part in. Fairly actually, too.


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Caught between two rival armies, the free metropolis of Novigrad is likely one of the tense and most unstable places in The Witcher 3. Whereas Radovid’s hunt for mages and the persecution of non-humans run rampant, the menace posed by Nilfgaard is difficult to disregard.

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Spies are a basic menace in struggle, particularly when battle looms. A well-placed spy can determine and report on their enemy’s weaknesses and advise their facet on how one can exploit them. This hazard is value remembering throughout one of many recreation’s shorter facet quests, “Strangers within the Evening”. It’s centered on a seemingly cordial encounter that shortly goes bitter.


The place To Begin Strangers In The Evening

An annotated screenshot in The Witcher 3, showing where the quest Strangers In The Night can begin.

You’ll discover this quest on the outskirts of Novigrad, close to the Everlasting Fireplace Chapel. head throughout the bridge to its east and flip north. You’ll discover three males sitting round a campfire there. Discuss to them to start out a cutscene and the hunt.

They’ll every introduce themselves and ask you to do the identical. Ensure to introduce your self as Geralt earlier than sitting down and becoming a member of the dialog. The hunt will differ considerably primarily based in your subsequent decisions.

you’ll be attacked when you don’t introduce your self.

Three men sit by a campfire by a busy road, deep in conversation with each other.

Asking about present affairs will begin a dialog that has Rufus suspicious. He’ll accuse Manfred of being a spy and ask to take him in for questioning. You’ll have to select between siding with Manfred or Rufus.

Leaving the dialog as an alternative of speaking about present affairs will permit a peaceable, if unrewarding, decision to this quest.

Facet With Manfred

Selecting “Palms off the service provider“, will flip rufus hostileforcing you to kill him.

Facet With Rufus

Telling them to relax can have Rufus select to kill Manfred.

From right here, you could keep out of it and obtain no rewards, or you could assist Rufuspreventing Manfred consequently.

Each Manfred and Rufus are simple to kill. you’ll acquire a crafting diagram when you assist Rufus kill Manfred, although there are not any important rewards both approach.

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