Which Service provider To Select In Warehouse Of Woe In The Witcher 3


This quest wants you to call a wrongdoer, which could be tough. This information will assist you determine who was accountable.


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Geralt is usually requested to play the function of a detective in The Witcher 3 the place folks in want ask him to make use of his distinctive expertise to cope with monsters and uncover a deeper plot. Warehouse of Woe is a brief quest in Novigrad that has Geralt tackle this function to assist an exhausted metropolis guardsman cope with a pair of offended retailers.

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This information will provide help to discover the place the hunt begins and present you the place to look the warehouse. The end result of this quest is set by how a lot you discover and the way a lot you wish to inform.

Beginning Warehouse Of Woe

A screenshot of The Witcher 3's map of Novigrad with an orange circle over the quest location.

Yow will discover this quest southwest of the Novigrad Docks quick journey level, at a road between a warehouse and town partitions. It’s a straightforward quest to overlook.


You possibly can determine the hunt from the crowd of guards outdoors the warehouse and the loud argument between the 2 retailers. A human service provider is making his racism plain to see whereas claiming that the dwarven service provider had sabotaged the warehouse.

The guard coping with them has grown bored with the argument and easily asks Geralt to get rid of the nekker contained in the warehouse. He guarantees a reward for doing so.

Looking The Warehouse

A Nekker lunges at Geralt in The Witcher 3, raising its claws to slash him inside a warehouse.

The nekker is much from difficult and must be simply killed. As Geralt notes, this monster isn’t discovered alone.

you may finish the investigation right here, and return to the guard in your reward. You can be paid, and each retailers will probably be arrested.

Geralt's Witcher Senses pick up a pair of clues in a warehouse, highlighting them in red.

The incriminating proof is on the jap facet of the warehouse, in a nook. Use Geralt’s Witcher senses to select up a destroyed cage and a big footprint that matches a dwarf.

If you return to the guard, inform him every part you might have realized to determine a wrongdoer. The individual you determine will probably be arrested.

As a small spoiler, in case you are struggling to determine, the dwarf will indicate that he prompted the accident in the event you blame the racist.

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