Who Is Isaac Clarke In Useless House?


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The unvoiced protagonist of the Useless House sequence, Isaac Clarke is one engineer that simply can not seem to catch a break. What begins as a profession as a starship mechanic shortly turns into one in all deep house pest management towards an undead alien species that is set on wiping out all natural life within the universe.


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He is one man with numerous sudden depth to him and he goes on fairly the grand deepspace journey. As multi-layered because the go well with of armor through which he inhabits, here is the whole lot you’ll want to learn about Isaac Clarke in Useless House.

Who Is Isaac Clarke?

Dead Space: Isaac Clarke In His Engineering Suit

A dab hand with a Plasma Cutter, and a person that may repair virtually something mechanical, Isaac Clarke is a System Engineer for the Concordance Extraction Company (CEC) and the protagonist of the Useless House sequence. He first appeared as a crewmate of the emergency upkeep ship the USG Kellion, which was responding to a fault in communications from the USG Ishimura mining vessel.

For Isaac, it appeared like one other routine restore mission, and it got here with the possibility to see his girlfriend Nicole, who was the Ishimura’s Senior Medical Officer. The 2 hadn’t spoken in a very long time after having an enormous argument, and this appeared like the right likelihood to fix some damaged bridges. However the nightmare chain of occasions that transpired from the journey utterly modified that relationship, Isaac, and the remainder of the galaxy without end.

Earlier than The USG Ishimura

Dead Space 3: Isaac Clarke Without His Armor

Isaacs’s life earlier than the Ishimura incident was a reasonably quiet if tragic one. He lived with each his dad and mom – his father was a ship designer, while his mom was a member of the Church of Unitology. This alternative was made therapeutically as she appeared to wrestle along with her husband’s lengthy missions away from her, one thing Isaac would keenly relate to with Nicole later in his life.

Following within the footsteps of his Father, Isaac educated in Engineering, and though he would make it to a prestigious academy, his mom would spend his tuition charges on donations to the Church of Unitology. Regardless of these difficulties, Isaac nonetheless managed to graduate and obtain his diploma with honors, shortly starting his profession as an Engineer not lengthy afterward.

Throughout his time as a Starship Mechanic, he would type a relationship with Nicole Brennan, a Physician at a specialist facility that centered on deprogramming ex-Unitolgosists. On this case, Isaac’s mom Octavia. The 2 would develop shut, and after Nicole took a job because the Senior Medical Officer on the USG Ishimura at Isaacs’s encouragement, the connection would turn into strained due to the huge distance that might be positioned between the 2.

Dead Space: Isaac And Nicole Arguing In Their Last Videocall

Issues took an additional bitter notice when Isaacs’s mom’s psychological state deteriorated quickly after she was launched from Nicole’s care on the facility after supposedly being on the mend. The decline of Isaacs’s mom put numerous stress on an already worn-down man. Octavia’s decline would finally culminate in a violent and bloody second as she murdered her husband in a psychosis-induced occasion earlier than taking her personal life shortly after.

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The fallout from this second fanned a flame of hatred of the Church of Unitology in Isaac which might solely be strengthened additional when he came upon the Unitologists not solely took his guardian’s our bodies however actively tried to cowl the scenario up. This was one thing that Isaac would without end blame on Nicole. There was a livid trade over a video name, and the 2 by no means spoke once more. After receiving what her final message alive from the USG Ishimura, (although it will transform a suicide notice he by no means noticed the top of) Isaac set off onboard the USG Kellion to analyze simply what occurred to the Ishimura and hopefully meet with Nicole.

Warning: Spoilers for the plot of Useless House, Useless House 2, and Useless House 3 beneath

Useless House: The USG Ishimura Incident

Dead Space: The Repair Crew Arriving At The USG Ishimura

Although their arrival on the ship was a bit of tough for the Restore Crew, they nonetheless made it efficiently onboard. What welcomed them was a seemingly derelict ship. However beneath the chilly metal decks prowled a world of mutant horrors created from the previous ship’s crew and confined hellscapes that have been as soon as hab quarters however have been now twisted past recognition.

Earlier than they’d arrived, the Ishimura had introduced onboard an odd alien gadget generally known as The Marker. Nearly instantly the crew had been stricken by nightmarish visions and debilitating psychological results. Quickly the lifeless members of the crew would reanimate and eviscerate their dwelling comrades with related occasions repeating within the colony beneath. After discovering the reality and some survivors on the Ishimura, one in all which seemed to be Nicole, the crew of the Kellion can be whittled down for one purpose or one other till solely Isaac remained.

Nicole’s Destiny: All through Useless House Isaac assumes Nicole is alive. He seems she’s not, and any encounter is a hallucination created by the Marker to control Isaac.

Dead Space: Isaac Hallucinating Nicole In The Finale

After subduing the Hive Thoughts beast on the planet. Isaac would flee in a nonetheless operable escape ship as the large piece of rock the USG Ishimura was within the technique of Cracking slammed again into the colony. All the things, together with the Marker, is presumed to be incinerated or a minimum of buried underneath thousands and thousands of tones of rock. While aboard the escape shuttle, Isaac lastly succumbs to the affect of the Marker as a hallucination of Nicole assaults him.

Secret Ending: In Useless House Remake there are two endings. Within the authentic Isaac is attacked by a Nicole Hallucination. However within the secret unlockable ending Isaac mentally resets and talks to the hallucination like she is alive.

Useless House 2: The Sprawl

Dead Space 2: Isaac Hallucinating Nicole

It is three years later, and issues have not gotten any higher for previous Isaac. After the occasions of the final recreation, he was discovered adrift in house by an EarthGov salvage group and brought to The Sprawl, a ginormous house station stuffed with hundreds of individuals and utilized as a industrial hub for a big sector of house.

Right here, Isaac was manipulated by the Church of Unitology into constructing a large synthetic Marker utilizing the blueprints that have been embedded in his thoughts when he encountered the gadget on the Aegis VII Colony. Your plan, to set off Convergence on the station. However issues would not precisely go to plan for the church.

Dead Space 2: A Convergence Event Occurring On Titan Station

After breaking free from the Asylum wing and surviving try after try and kill him by both Necromorphs, EarthGov, and Unitologists alike, while additionally being always suffering from warped visions of Nicole. Isaac would neutralize the substitute alien obelisk. With Titan Station collapsing throughout him in a climactic explosion, our hero would flee on a stolen gunship along with his one ally, Ellie as the 2 went into hiding.

Useless House 3: The Revival Of The Brethren Moons

Dead Space 3: Isaac Clarkes Introduction Cutscene

Although Useless House 3 begins with a flashback to 200 years prior, Isaac Clarke remains to be our main man. Earlier than the occasions of the brand new recreation and after the final, he and Ellie fostered a relationship in hiding. Although previous Isaac nonetheless appeared to be affected by debilitating side-effects of such long-term publicity to the Marker. Over time the romantic relationship would collapse with Isaac ending up alone as soon as extra.

On the run, he was hunted by each the EarthGov and Unitologists as by this level within the timeline solely Isaac alone knew how you can each create and destroy the alien Markers. After being approached by Earth Protection Pressure members John Carver and Robert Norton, Isaac would lastly come out of his hermitage to assist them cease the Markers and their Necromorph constructs as soon as and for all.

Deep Space 3: Isaac's Ship Ambushed By Mines In Space

Isaac and Carver would head to Tau Volantis, the supposed homeworld of the Markers, the place they’d be ambushed in house by distant mines that destroyed the ship. By way of crisscrossing paths that lead them onboard a number of ships and particles fields in orbit, the 2 would lastly make it to the frozen planet beneath. There Isaac can be reunited with Ellie as they took down Danik, the chief of a renegade group that was set on reanimating a frozen Hive Thoughts beast on the planet generally known as The Nexus.

This Hive Beast would finally be awoken after which slain, however the occasions that adopted allowed Danik to deactivate an alien machine that had frozen Tau Volantis thousands and thousands of years in the past in the course of Convergence. The nightmare occasion instantly kicked again into motion, permitting the creation of a fair larger beast than The Nexus, a Brother Moon. This gargantuan eldritch abomination was as large because the planet and was solely stopped when Isaac and Carver managed to reactivate the alien gadget on Tau Volanti. Refreezing the world and inflicting the Brother Moon to come back crashing again right down to the planet, destroying each.

Dead Space 3: Isaac Fighting A Brother Moon

Seemingly now free from the Marker’s affect, the 2 lastly escape the ruined stays of Tau Volantis and make it to Earth. However, as they get nearer to house, a shadow instantly looms over the ship. Appears not solely is it one other Brother Moon, however there are a number of of them in shut orbit across the Earth. Considered one of which is shut sufficient to take an enormous juicy chunk out of the planet’s crust. And there Isaacs’s story ends, a cliffhanger ending that cuts to black because the sequence received canned shortly after.

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