World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – See what the Dragon aspects are?

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - See what the Dragon aspects are?
World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – See what the Dragon aspects are?

The history of World of Warcraft has always featured various dragons, and with the release of the latest expansion; Dragonflight, these mighty creatures are once again at the center of the main story. If you’ve been a Lore of Warcraft fan lately, you probably don’t know the long history behind the creation of dragons and the backstories of their various flights and leaders.


A swarm is a specific faction within the dragon hierarchy, and the leader of each swarm is called a tribe. While certain characters have come and gone, the power of these people has always been enormous, and their stories existed before World of Warcraft was first released. Let’s take a closer look at who these amazing characters are and what we can expect from them in Dragonflight and beyond.

The Life Binder: Alexstrasza

Perhaps the most famous dragon guardian is the Life-Binder Alexstrasza. Alexstrasza, the leader of the Red Dragonflight and one of the original dragons, joined her future dragons in the great battle against Galakrond, the “ancestor of the dragons”. A gigantic dragon, Galakrond, became increasingly corrupt under the influence of Scrap Gold, and eventually, consumed by its own hunger, began to devour everything in its path, including hunting its own kind.


In the cold lands of Northrend, where their race is threatened with extinction, five brave primordial dragons join forces to bring him down, and a great battle breaks out across the Dragonblight. After defeating the giants, Alexstrasza and her allies were empowered by the overlords of Azeroth known as the Titans, and officially became the dragon guardians charged with protecting Earth from threats both inside and outside.

Unlike her primordial dragon predecessors, Alexstrasza became a sentient being and commanded the Red Dragonflight, was given life mastery, and was entrusted with the protection of Azer by Life-Binder Eonar. las. Alexstrasza has always taken this duty very seriously, becoming the de facto leader of the Dragon Clan since the Dragon Queen.


Alexstrasza, capable of transforming into a high elf form, has always shown kindness, wisdom, and generosity to mortals, and has repeatedly offered to join them in defending Earth. However, the Red Dragonflight has been very active in the war on Azeroth, and due to various abuses, many red dragons hold grudges against the mortal race, although they usually put this aside and unite against a common enemy.

Alexstrasza has always been active in World of Warcraft and you can meet her in various places like Wyrmrest or the Chamber of Heart. She has fought enemies such as Deathwing and the Twilight Dragonflight, where she will lose her partner, Korialstrasz. The Dragon Queen has been a fan favorite over the years, and whether it’s because of her striking looks or the strength of her character, Alexstrasza is sure to play a key role in Dragonflight’s storyline, and hopefully in many to come. play a key role during the year.

The Timeless One: Nozdormu

The only other dragon alive is Nozdormu the Eternal. Nozdormu, leader of the Bronze Dragonflight, obtained his powers from the Titan leader; High Priest Aman’Thul. Granted dominion over the Sands of Time, he and his men must defend Azeroth from threats past, present and future.

Similar to Alexstrasza, Nozdormu has been active in defending Azeroth against various enemies, fighting the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients, and is especially prevalent in the Cataclysm expansion, where he guides adventurers through multiple a time-based instance.

Nozdormu is a particularly interesting character because he and his flight are so closely related to the Infinite Dragons. Black and white dragons against bronze, and the infinite dragons are led by Murozond, who is actually Nozdormu from another future timeline. Fighting him in the End Times dungeon will teach you a lot about how Infinite Dragonflight works when invading various timelines and trying to circumvent the natural flow of events. Actively maintaining the natural timeline, Nozdormu and his descendants have been staunch guardians of Azeroth for many years on this planet.

Nozdormu chose to appear in the mortal form of the high elf, a benevolent ally of the mortal race, although his responsibilities meant he was sometimes alienated and reserved. Most players are familiar with the bronze dragon through interactions with characters like Chromie, who itself is a bronze dragon named Chronormu. Inhabiting the Caverns of Time, flying will be ubiquitous throughout the Dragonflight and will be our go-to character when interacting with different timelines.

The Awakened: Ysera

Probably the saddest story belongs to Ysera the Awakened. Ysera, the original dragon of the Green Dragonflight, was given dominion over the Emerald Dream by the Titans; Eonar the Binder of Life. Ysera is a utopian example of what Azeroth would be like without corruption and conflict. Ysera bravely defended the Dream from the invading Emerald Nightmare and was at the heart of the creation of Nordrassil, one of the World Trees of Azeroth.

Like other major aspects, Ysera has been instrumental in defending her homeland from enemies such as Deathwing, and has always had a strong connection to nature and protecting the wilderness. The Green Dragonflight generally uses nature-based attacks and has been in World of Warcraft since the Classic. While prone to corruption, the Greens have always been the kindest and most generous of the group, often helping mortals on their adventures or healing them at critical moments.

Ysera’s close connection with Alexstrasza and her witty nature made Ysera a fan favorite, making the events of the Legion expansion particularly sad. With the return of the Dark Satyr; the Emerald Nightmare Xavius ​​launched a direct attack on the Emerald Dream, and Ysera fell victim to Xavius’ conspiracy while trying to defend the Val’sharah area. The adventurers were completely corrupted by its evil magic, forced to slay the once-great dragon, and their soul was taken by Elune; the goddess of the moon who brought her into the shadows landed on what you might see One of the saddest cutscenes in the game.

Ysera isn’t gone forever, however, and you can meet and interact with her in the Blazing Wilds region of Shadowlands. She is a primary quest giver and is at the heart of Faye’s story, as her spirit is restored along with Blaze. Although she remains in the spirit world as a dragon and high elf, Ysera can still communicate with you through the Emerald Dream and can reappear as the protagonist during the dragon’s flight.

Mertithra Of The Dream

Perhaps the least known of the dragons, Merisera of Dreams is one of Ysera’s daughters and the current leader of the Green Dragonflight. A prominent figure during the Quicksand Wars, Merisera first appeared in the depths of Ahn’Qiraj Raid, where she was captured by the Old Gods. C’Thun.

During the Battle for Azeroth expansion, Merethera fought the Old God N’Zoth and can currently be found in the Chamber of Heart, where she led the defense of the Emerald Dream and took over her dragonflight to help Strengthens the Heart of Azeroth.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know the character, because for most WoW expansions, he’s not particularly central to the storyline. She shares many similarities with her mother and appears to be a capable and wise leader, but she is certainly more marginal than a role like Alexstrasza. However, since Dragonflight is based on advancing the lore of Dragon Aspects and exploring Dragon Isles, we may find out more about Merithra in the future.

The Spell-Weaver: Malygos

The original form of the Blue Dragonflight was Malygos the spellcaster. The titans granted him and his pack dominion over magic; the Dreamweaver Norgannon was empowered to defend Azeroth. Malygos, the eldest of the dragons, has no similar attitude towards his fellows and has a deep distrust of mortals. Though very clever, Malygos loathes other magic users, believing that only he and his sweetheart can control the power of arcane magic.

As one of the first dragon guardians capable of fighting, Malygos waged the Nexus War to stop mortals from corrupting Azeroth with their magic, while trying to gather and contain all of Kodala’s magical power. Drawing his blue dragonflight to his side, Malygos changed the flow of magic and forced the races of Azeroth to unite against him, lest he possess absolute magical power.

Classic Wrath of the Lich King players will be familiar with Malygos, as he is a raid boss with a copy of the Eternal Eye. The player fights alongside Alexstrasza to take him down, and after a hilarious battle, Malygos is killed and he yells at his sister not to trust mortals. His heart was sent back to Wyrmrest Temple, where the other dragons mourned their brother’s madness. Always a proud character, Malygos did help his brothers defend Azeroth, but his in-game storyline is largely limited to Wrath of the Lich King, which we’re unlikely to see He returns in any way.

The Steward of Magic: Kalecgos

Following the death of Malygos, the leadership of the Blue Dragonflight was in trouble. Both Kalecgos and Arygos are vying for control, with differing views on how flying should interact with the world. Kalecgos wanted the blue dragon to play a more active role against the mortal races, and it wasn’t until the Cataclysm expansion and his resistance to Deathwing that he took over and became the dragon side of magic.

Originally discovered in corrupted form during a raid on the Sunwell Plateau, Kalecgos has been here for a long time, serving as an ambassador for the Blue Dragons before rising to lead. He has actively supported players in multiple expansions and has a close relationship with Archmage Jaina Proudmoore, one of the most popular characters in Warcraft. Kalecgos helped us with several expansions and was often asked to deal with magic or unknown issues. Although younger than the original Patronus, Kalecgos is wise beyond his years and has always stood up for the mortal race against the many threats facing Azeroth.

Kalecgos will certainly play an important role in Dragonflight and beyond as he attempts to better understand the rules of magic, and players can expect him to be a loyal ally in the future.

The Earth-Warder: Nelthrarion

Perhaps the greatest stories of the Dragon Guardian revolve around Neltharion, the Earth Guardian, or his alter ego. Deathwing. Granted dominion over Earth by the Titans; Neltharion, the creator Khaz’goroth, was originally a staunch ally of his brethren, defending Azeroth against numerous enemies. Neltharion is the strongest aspect of the team and the strongest fighter, despite being reckless and prone to anger.

His resentment of bearing the weight of the earth eventually led to his downfall, and the whispers of the Old Gods began to slowly haunt his mind, turning him against his allies. He aspires to rule other groups by ruling over all life on earth and elevate his black dragon above all others. During the War of the Ancients, Neltharion attempted to betray his fellow dragons, convincing them to use his powers to create the ultimate weapon. Dragon Soul. Once authorized, he stole the weapon and used it to kill thousands of demons while claiming to be the ruler of Azeroth. The other dragons fled and hid, lest Neltharion find them.

Unfortunately, Neltharion’s power became too great, and the weight of the earth became unbearable. He was forced to retreat to Highmountain, where corrupted goblins were forced to forge Adamantine armor for him to stop the raw power surging within him. In the name of Deathwing the Destroyer, he attempted to stop the Demon’s Soul, now known as the Demon’s Soul, against the power of the mad titan Sargeras.

The specifics of his ascension are a long and engaging story, but essentially, Deathwing is forced to flee to Deepholm, where players aren’t encountered until the Cataclysm expansion pack, when he enters a world filled with hatred and burning desires new world, destroying all life.

He lost his dragon soul, but Deathwing is perhaps the most powerful being on Azeroth, and his wings alone can destroy the land. With the help of the Twilight’s Hammer, the Twilight Dragonflight, and Ragnaros the Balrog, Deathwing created a twisted new dragonflight called the Colors and attempted to dominate his earlier compatriots. Knowing that he was in danger, the remaining dragon, with the help of the Orc shaman, finally regained the Dragon Soul; Thrall, who used it to bring down the Destroyer during the Dragon Soul raid.

However, it was the power of Deathwing that forced the dragons to give up their remaining titan power to strengthen the Dragon Soul, allowing Thrall to deliver the final blow when Deathwing sank beneath the Maelstrom. No dragon has done more damage to Azeroth, and no one has more power than Deathwing, making him one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic villains.

In addition to being an impressive character, Deathwing has spawned many other notable villains. Nefarian and Onyxia were his children, and they both proved to be dangerous enemies of Azeroth and two of the most notorious bosses we’ve ever fought. The legacy of Deathwing, creator of Draktyr, lives on long after his downfall in Cataclysm, and the Black Dragonflight’s history is largely evil, at least until its new leader emerges It is so.

The Black Prince: Wrathion

One of the last remaining members and leaders of the Black Dragonflight is the Black Prince Laccio. Wrathion, son of Neltharion, is a suave and mysterious character whose popularity has grown in recent expansions. Wrathion appears primarily in his mortal form, with a troubled past as he struggles to escape his father’s shadow. Wrathion, who had intended to eliminate his fellow black dragons, has now taken a more benevolent stance in his interactions with players.

When we first encountered the Cataclysm expansion, Wrathion made his name in the Battle for Azeroth, and he helped us defeat the Old God N’Zoth in Ny’alotha, saving Azer in the process las. While his own corrupted version was actually the first boss in the quest, Wrathion opened the Shell of N’Zoth for us and was directly involved in planning the attack, using him and Alliance leader Anduin’u Ryan’s close friendship, leaving. They first met in Mists of Pandaria, where Wrathion was our guide in making the legendary cape, and while he received a much-needed visual update, his sleazy personality remains a much-loved part of his character aspect.

Wrathion will certainly play a role in future history, and while his motives are sometimes dubious, he is inherently good and can play a major role in restoring his Black Dragonflight to its former glory.

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