Best productivity apps: boost your home office efficiency!

Unlock your full potential with the best apps designed to streamline tasks, foster creativity, and empower success.

Being productive doesn’t have to be a struggle!

best productivity apps
Apps can help you improve your productivity: check the best ones! Source: Canva Pro.

With the best productivity apps, you can organize your life and all your tasks to optimize your time and bring your ideas to life.

In this article, we will show you the immense variety of formats productivity apps can take to make getting things done fun and engaging.

Since working from home can trigger distractions or make organizing a long-distance team more complicated, these tools will solve these issues for you!

So, if you want to learn how to limit your distractions, get organized, turn your ideas into actions, and build solid habits, you are in the right place!

How you can use apps to get things done

best productivity apps
See how these apps can help you improve your productivity. Source: Canva Pro.

If you work remotely, you know how difficult it can get to focus and stay on top of your tasks, and there are many reasons for this to happen.

Distractions from your environment, procrastinating habits, and not seeing your routine as a constant construction can make your daily activities harder than they’re meant to be.

Many studies have reported how working from home can open a gate for unstructured work hours and blur the lines between work-related activities and rest time.

So, to start aligning your work-from-home efficiency, you can begin by noting down everything you do, from work to leisure and health activities, and monitoring your routine.

Therefore, managing your tasks, organizing yourself, and visualizing everything you need to get done can be simplified with the best productivity apps. Keep reading to learn more!

The best apps to boost your productivity

best productivity apps
Get things done! Source: Canva Pro.

Introducing the best productivity apps to your routine can help you maintain a more healthy lifestyle and balance work and rest more easily.

With this goal in mind, the app recommendations in this list will include four steps you need to take in order to boost your productivity:

  1. Eliminate distractions.
  2. Organize.
  3. Plan your actions.
  4. Monitor your habits.


Why will you love this app?Forest motivates you to stay focused by planting real trees on Earth.

Since the first step towards a more focused and productive lifestyle is eliminating distractions, why not make it fun and environmentally conscious at the same time?

Forest is one of the best productivity apps due to its motivational triggers. With this app, you set timers that represent seeds. As the set time progresses, the seed will grow into a tree.

So, if you leave the app to use your phone and break your focus time, your tree will die. At the end of your activities, all the trees you’ve cultivated will form a beautiful forest.

This way, you can visualize how focused you have been. Additionally, you earn virtual coins as you plant trees and can spend these virtual coins to plant real trees on Earth.


Why will you love this app?Notion combines many organization tools in one place.

With all the things we need to remember and stay on top of, and all the tasks and obligations we need to organize, storing all of this in our brains will certainly lead to burnout.

So, brain dumping, visualizing, and organizing everything in one place can save a lot of mental work and time. For this reason, Notion is one of the best productivity apps.





Get everything organized with your Notion app.

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In this software, you can organize your life as simply or as complexly as you wish. 

With Notion, you can create to-do lists, build pages for every area of your life, add tables, and much more!

Additionally, Notion is available for both mobile and desktop devices, and everything you add to it is automatically synced, so you can access your organization anywhere.


Why will you love this app?Asana is designed to organize and strategize your goals and tasks.

Asana makes planning your actions and taking your projects out into the world a lot easier.

This is one of the best productivity apps and can be used for individual or collective organization. Since this is a collaborative software, you can use it as a team.

Asana allows you to have a general vision of your projects, organize the deadlines and to-dos and even adjust a timeline to better distribute all the steps in each task.

Also, keep up with the goals you have stablished and keep track of all the activities and see the progress in real time.


Why will you love this app?Gamify the habit-building process and keep track of your goals and habits.

As the name suggests, Habitica is an app designed for habit monitoring. This application can be used on both mobile and desktop devices and synchs all of its data in both formats.

So, by using Habitica, you gamify the everyday habit building. Firstly, you create your own character, then with each check-in with your goals and habits you earn points. 

Step by step, you level up and acquire new skills and skins to change your appearance in the game. 

Besides, if you want to challenge yourself with new tasks, you can create quests to beat monsters and invite friends to face these challenges alongside with you.

However: extra tips to relax in your home office and take care of your mental health

Often, people misunderstand that being productive means being overworked, always busy, and overwhelmed with tasks. However, that is not the truth.

When we talk about boosting your productivity, we mean organizing yourself in a way that you can objectively focus on what’s in front of you and get more done in less time.

This way, you can have time to take care of yourself, rest, and spend time with your loved ones. So, besides using the best productivity apps, you can also follow these tips:

  • Monitor yourself and your habits to understand what triggers your distractions and what feeds your procrastination.
  • Find ways to structure your work and obligations so that you can rest in between them and avoid being burned out by the end of each day.
  • Learn to say no and understand that your time is limited. With this understanding, you will dedicate your precious time to what really matters to you.
  • Your physical and mental health should also be seen as a commitment: make time for it and include it in your weekly organization.

What about a fun activity after work: check these dating apps!

Now, besides providing comprehensive tools to organize daily tasks and stay on top of your obligations, apps can also be a source of a lot of fun.

With dating apps, you can filter people by interests, hobbies, and more to find perfect matches.

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